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Project | Program Management

Customer Experience Management

Journey Management

Human-Centered Design Thinking

Voice-of-Customer Research

Workshop Facilitation

Frameworks & Blueprints

UI/UX/VOC Design


User & Process Flows

Action Planning

Roadmap Implementation

Software Skills

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Asana Project Management
Microsoft Project & Office Products
Jira Software
Click-Up All-in-One Project
Oracle Service Cloud
Website Builders

Key Attributes

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Experienced Project Manager

  • Certified PMP & Scrum Master who can manage teams in both traditional and agile environments.

  • Servant leader, who clears roadblocks for project teams.

  • Detailed project plans that include work breakdown structures and network diagrams.

  • Experienced in software development and product lifecycle management.

  • Keen ability to motivate and inspire teams to achieve project milestones.

  • Monitors performance to ensure quality deliverables are within budget, scope and timeline.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

  • Able to identify and anticipate unarticulated customer needs.

  • Ability to analyze service blueprints to identify internal process improvements.

  • Critical thinker who excels at opportunity identification, road mapping, and building ROI value cases.

  • Strategic planner with foresight to help decision makers understand the big picture.

  • Exceptional customer-facing presentations that establish credibility.

Learning Agility

  • Thrives on challenge and is enthusiastic about learning opportunities.

  • Remains calm in the face of adversity.

  • Defies assumptions to find unique and effective ways of performing tasks.

Emotional Intelligence

  • Known for making meaningful connections and engaging with people on a human level.

  • Self-aware and empathetic.

  • Adept at building trust and confidence with colleagues.

  • Expertly crafts client insights that are easily understood.

Experience Design

  • Champions opportunities to consistently improve experiences.

  • Utilizes best practices to map the end-to-end customer/user journey.

A Message From Mando..

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I am an accomplished (PMP) Project Management Professional, certified in Scrum frameworks, with over 20 years of diverse experience and I am confident that my vast understanding of project management methodologies and customer experience management makes me a valuable asset to the team.  My ability to anticipate and translate experiences to a broader team, along with creating exceptional stakeholder presentations (at the right altitude), establishes credibility with my clients.

In previous roles, I have independently managed key projects for high-profile clients in various industries, including largely recognized Fortune 500 companies.  I am known for being innovative, empathetic, and transparent.  My ability to forge meaningful connections with customers and business partners plays a pivotal role in account retention and helps to create positive work environments that nurture curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.

When working with the internal project team, I strive to deliver empowering meetings, uncovering challenges, and removing roadblocks for the team.  I focus on resource management by executing detailed project plans that include work breakdown structures and network diagrams to help ensure tasks are completed on time and in budget. 

As a certified PMP, I am versed in both traditional and agile methods.  Throughout each engagement I maintain best practices, and document lessons learned, helping to standardize approaches.  I am keen on agile principles and can pivot quickly, remaining calm in the face of adversity.  I can tackle ambiguous situations and adapt to change. 

I am excited for the opportunity to speak with you further about how I can contribute to your organization.  Please contact me with any additional questions.


Armando Coronado

Armando Coronado

Strategic | Tactical | Dynamic

Innovative scrum master and PMP certified professional who is passionate about creating powerful client relationships.  Armando harnesses his 20 years of diverse professional experience to drive measurable business growth.  he develops data-driven strategies, providing insights and analysis to inform tactical actioning and is a dynamic leader who is every bit of his core values.

LinkedIn Profile: Https://

Be Bold. Be Compassionate. Be Authentic


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2023 - Present
The Lion & The
Duck Consulting, LLC | Colorado
Independent Consultant | Business Owner


As an independent consultant, providing freelance project management, CX journey orchestration, UX design or website development expertise for mid-size to Fortune 500 companies, while supporting local small businesses to better understand their customer's pain points, wants and needs and critical touchpoints through customer experience (CX) journey orchestration.

  • As an entrepreneur, working autonomously and proactively to implement projects while collaborating with internal and external stakeholders.

    • Communicating expectations with weekly sync meetings.​

    • Presenting "Right Level" presentations for target stakeholders that build credibility, providing decision makers with key insights.

  • Creating simple to understand project plans with traditional waterfall approach that helps owners design improved CX touchpoints.

    • Utilizing agile methodologies and scrum principles to implement UX Design for website enhancements.​

  • Identifying critical marketing strategies that eliminate wasted resources and increase call to action (CTA) efforts.

    • Developed and implemented digital marketing strategies to increase online presence and drive customer engagement, resulting in a 25% increase in website traffic and a 15% increase in contacts made.

2021 - 2023
McorpCX | Remote, Colorado
Project Manager | CX & UX Consultant


Oversaw key projects for high-profile clients in various industries through the initiation, planning, designing and execution phases.

  • Managed large, complex programs by developing detailed project plans that include work break down structures and network diagrams.

    • Scheduled and facilitated meetings between project stakeholders to discuss deliverables, timeline, budget status and risks.

    • Improved organizational project management methodologies by creating a playbook of standardized approaches, advancing the firm's ability to modernize client engagements.

    • Utilized customer experience (CX) management tools provided by Microsoft and Cemantica to capture experiences across all stages of the customer life cycle.

    • Conducted Voice-of-Customer research through survey design using Qualtrics.

    • Documented CX through journey mapping and service blueprints.

    • Publicize insights from critical touchpoints to help empower decision-makers through strategic planning and tactical road mapping.

    • Verify deliverables are of high quality and within scope before submitting to clients, meeting milestones and deadlines.

    • Incorporated findings and documented lessons learned.

  • Responsible for researching, designing, and implementing all user experiences when interacting with a digital product or service.

    • Designed workshops, focus groups and interviews to better understand user experiences (UX) across multiple device platforms.

    • Revamped the user interface of a mobile app, resulting in a 20% increase in user engagement and positive feedback from customers.

2018 - 2021
Faneuil Inc. | Colorado Springs, Colorado
Program | Project Manager


Developed the implementation plan for a large-scale contact center, defining governance for a state-based marketplace of an existing federal omni-channel call center.

  • Supported call center operations for Connect for Health Colorado program. Developed standard operating procedures (SOP) for policies and practices following strict federal guidelines.

  • Managed operational readiness and contact center internal projects.

  • Developed, iterated, and tested the call center's proprietary workflow taxonomy tool, coordinating with cross-functional teams through implementation and API integration.

  • Launched employee programs with HR partnership that led to 22% increase in productivity, reduced retention, and maintained 92% employee attendance.

  • Coached team members on productivity strategies, policy updates, and performance improvement plans to accomplish challenging goals.

  • Addressing and resolved technical, financial, and operational concerns by working with team members and executive leaders.

  • Administered $2.5M budget, maintaining profitability and revenue goals.

  • Presented executive level summaries, reports and quarterly business reviews.

2012 - 2018
Camping World | Englewood, Colorado
Call Center Operations Manager | Project Manager


Directed company transition through CRM integration. Promoted after successful completion ensured that the call center met all SLA goals, standards of quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

  • Established and oversaw performance targets for call center associates.

  • Fostered accurate prioritization and achievement of sales and service goals.

  • Tasked by CEO to execute smooth handoff of new company acquisitions.

  • Managed Salesforce/Oracle CRM integration project, applying UX design methods to validate CSR operations and utilizing an agile scrum master approach through several sprints to support workstreams across multiple user functions through user acceptance testing.

  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to design and launch a new e-commerce platform, resulting in % increase in online sales and improved customer satisfaction.


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Project Management Professional Certified (PMPC)
Professional Scrum Master Certified L1 (PSMC)

Master of Project Academy

Automation Pro 1
Workato Automation Institute

Training Delivery and Course Development Certificate
Achieve Global Corp

Six Sigma White Belt
Aveta Business Institute

Customer Experience: Design Thinking & Journey Mapping
LinkedIn Learning

UX Design
LinkedIn Learning

What Others Say...

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"He has helped lead advance our organizational project management capabilities, contributing significantly to creation of a project management playbook that codifies our knowledge, systems, and processes and has helped standardize our approach."

"Armando is great at identifying trends, discrepancies, and any potential future problems. Armando is perhaps best at creating easy to understand action plans that mitigate or resolve current issues and any potential problems he has identified."

"Armando also impressed with his desire to optimize the customer experience. He identified that the organization's Medical Needs process required modernization. He outlined an updated procedure and collaborated with the technical team to align the systematic process. Even though the client was resistant to the change at first, they ultimately saw how Armando's proposed process would not only improve the customer experience, but would also reduce the number of steps involved, saving both the customer and the organization time."

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