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The Ultimate Solution for Your Business and Brand

How to Boost Your Business and Brand with Project Management and Experience Design

I am an independent consultant with over 10 years of project management experience, supporting small to mid-sized businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies.  Although I have overseen multiple projects in various industries, implementing/integrating product/service solutions, I am most passionate about improving customer experiences through journey mapping and designing intuitive user interfaces that met today's UX Design expectations.  I help build better websites, driving more traffic and deepen your customer relationships - "One Touchpoint at a Time."


From customer journey orchestration to web design, I manage agile projects throughout your digital business transformation delivering total experience solutions that are within scope, budget and timeline to ensure that we put into action how best to grow your revenue and strengthen your brand, helping you market, attract and retain your customer. 


Because I am a freelance consultant, my work can be tailored to your needs and fit within your budget.   "You cannot afford to not take action today, or you will have less to fight for tomorrow." 


I would love to join your fight!  Contact me today and let's build a project together!

Project Management Solutions

Are you looking for a project manager who can lead in both traditional or agile environments?  Do you need someone who can manage your projects from start to finish, ensuring scope, budget and timelines are met?  If so, then you need PM Infinity Solutions!

Customer Journey Orchestration

Do you want to improve your customer experience and loyalty?  Do you want to create a customer journey that is seamless, engaging and memorable?  Are you interested in enhancing your XM capabilities. If so, you need CX Infinity Experience Management! 

Web Design & Development

Do you want to create a website that is attractive, user-friendly and engaging?  Do you want to ensure that your website meets the needs and preferences of your target audience?  Are you looking for help in developing  your website? If so, you need UX Infinity Experience Design!

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