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Designing Experiences with Infinite Possibilities

The Value of CXinfinity

Let’s Succeed Together

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CX Infinity Experience Management is a customer experience service that helps you understand your customers and their needs, wants and expectations.  We specialize in delivering:

  • Customer experience strategy and design

  • Customer journey mapping and orchestration

  • Voice-of-customer research and analysis

  • Customer feedback and satisfaction measurement

  • Customer retention and loyalty programs

Whether you are a decision maker, business owner or just getting started entrepreneur, we can help you create a customer experience that is consistent, personalized and delightful across all touchpoints.  Contact us today and let's design experiences with infinite possibilities! 

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Valued and Memorable Customer Interactions

Designing Better Experiences

Good customer experience management can: Strengthen brand preference through differentiated experiences.  Boost revenue with incremental sales from existing customers and new sales from word of mouth.  Improve customer loyalty (and create advocates) through valued and memorable customer interactions

Customer experience is defined as your customers' perceptions - both conscious and subconscious - of their relationship with your brand resulting from all their interactions with your brand during the customer life cycle.  The practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy is what CXinfinity specializes in.

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What is Experience Management

XM Consulting

Are you struggling to identify your experience management (XM) capabilities?  Want to better understand who your customer is and how you can improve their experience?

Customer experience management signifies evolving sets of technologies and practices to make a constant transformation within organizations to meet and go beyond consumer expectations. 

Why is experience management important?

Good customer experience management can strengthen brand preference through differentiated experiences and improve customer loyalty (and create advocates) through valued and memorable customer interactions.

Experience Management Projects can be challenging; We are here to lighten the load off your shoulders. We are honest and positive professionals whose first priority is always the interests of our clients; providing capability, adaptability, and scalability. Proudly serving small businesses in the Colorado Springs area - contact us today to learn more about how we can take your business to the infinite level!

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What We Do

The Path to Success

Your customers are your number one priority, and our services provide 5 types of engagements that will enable the design and delivery of great experiences.

Analysing the Data

Experience Design

Typically, the first step in deeply understanding your customers' experience and how you influence it

Group Seflie

Experience Improvement

Focused on refining the way you deliver experiences today, closing gaps towards tomorrow

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Experience Management

A capabilities assessment that identifies your organizational strengths and opportunities


Voice of Customer Measurement

Creating a Listen, Analyze and Act system that enables you to continue CX improvements


Learning and Development

Humanizing transactional relationships through an imbedded customer-driven organization

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