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Transforming Projects, Experiences and Designs

Transformation Investment: The ROI

73% of Customers Say Good Experiences Influence Brand Loyalty

In today's competitive market, CX and UX are not optional, but essential.  Customers expect seamless, personalized, and engaging experiences across all touchpoints and channels.  According to a recent survey, 73% of customers say that a good experience is key in influencing their brand loyalties. CX and UX projects can help you optimize their journey.

95% of Companies Agree, Designing Good Experiences are the Best Way to Drive Revenue

CX and UX are the future of business success.  Customers are more empowered than ever before and have higher expectations for the quality of their interactions with brands.  A recent report revealed that 95% of companies agree that good CX and UX practices are the best way to drive revenue.  CX and UX projects can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase your customer loyalty and advocacy.

$1 Billion in Additional Revenue is a Game Changer

CX and UX are crucial for any business that wants to stand out from the crowd and create loyal customers.  According to a recent study, companies that excel at CX are three times more likely to have significantly exceeded their goals.  Moreover, the study found that improving CX by one point can lead to more than $1 billion in additional revenue.  Investing in CX and UX projects can help you boost your growth, retention, and satisfaction rates.

Grow Your Vision

You have a vision for your business, but you need to better understand your customer's journey, and design improved experiences that will differentiate you from your competitors.

Our Story

We are passionate consultants who love helping small to mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies grow and succeed. We have over 50 years of combined diverse experience in project management, customer experience, and user experience web design.  We started Infinity Consulting Services in 2022, after realizing that there was a gap in the market for affordable and effective solutions for businesses that wanted to improve their online presence and customer satisfaction.  Since then, we have helped dozens of clients across various industries achieve their goals and exceed their expectations.  

Our Mission

To provide you with the best advice, tools, and support you need to take your business to the infinite level.  Whether you need help with planning, designing, or executing your projects, we are here for you every step of the way.  We also offer a membership where you can access exclusive content and resources to help you learn new skills, stay updated on the latest trends, and connect with other like-minded professionals.  

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What Others Say...

"I had the privilege of working with Armando on several customer and employee experience improvement initiatives. The thing about Armando is that he brings his authentic, fun, good human self to any client, any project, any team, every day. I remember working in a very challenging client environment that would have caused some stress and anxiety to most teams. As project lead, Armando helped lighten the tension and drove successful outcomes for the client. His sincerity combined with his drive for great relationships and great results showed me that great execution is not only about making a business impact, it's also about making the work fun and enjoyable for your team and people around you."

Daniel Roundy, Chief Experience Officer

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