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Inspiring Stories of Leadership and Life

About the Author

Armando has over 20 years of diverse experience and hopes to write stories that represent his guiding principles; Delivering authenticity with purpose; Leaving a legacy through brand clarity; Strengthening others to be more; While demonstrating contagious energy to affect those around him, inspiring and motiving change!

In his first children's book series, "The Lion and The Duck", everyone of all ages will be inspired by Leo and Ducky's adventures.

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Discover the World of "The Lion & The Duck"

In Mando's first children's book series, "The Lion and The Duck", you will be introduced to our main characters Leo and Ducky.  During their adventures, Leo and Ducky will meet many friends who will teach each other how to be brave, caring and honest friends.  Their stories will help children deal with confidence, emotions and fears.  

For 2023, Mando will release 3 books before the end of October.  In November, he will publish a special edition book that will only be included in a special holiday bundle pack.

By the end of 2024, Mando will release several books that will be available on  If you would like for him to incorporate your story, send him a message and he will be happy to discuss a collaboration.  

The Lion & The Duck: Leo and Ducky's First Adventure

Leo and Ducky's First Adventure_Cover.jpg

Leo and Ducky's First Adventure is a children's book about friendship and lessons learned in life, as our curious friends go on their first adventure!  Join "Leo the Lion" and "Ducky the Duck" as they meet for the first time in the Savanna.  Our bold lion and compassionate duck learn all about what it takes to be authentic friends, as they leave the Savanna for a journey into the Jungle!

Who will they meet?  What will happen to our new friends?  Will they survive the dangers of the Jungle?

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