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For the Bold. Compassionate. and Authentic.

The Podcast Studio

For Members Only

My home studio podcasting setup - a Røde NT1A microphone, AKG K171 headphones, desk stand

Welcome fellow Lions & Ducks.  This is "The Podcast Studio", where we deliver bold, compassionate and authentic conversations to share truth, creativity and encouragement for all listeners with a variety of shows...

  • Signature Series- The "OG" show that focuses on your leadership journey with special guest interviews.

  • Boozy Coffee - The show that is packed with diverse topics covering Sports, Entertainment, Education, and Economic discussions with guest who will share their stories as we use the metaphor "Boozy Coffee", to help others gain confidence and courage in their everyday lives while navigating life itself.    

  • Bad Boss- A spin off segment where I narrate fictional horror stories of bad behaviors leaders exhibit under pressure and discuss how we can improve these experiences, together. 

  • Latin X Spotlight - A celebration of diversity in leadership, my LatinX guest will share their stories of success and challenges.

Become a Member and Join the Studio

"The Signature Series" A Podcast for the Bold, Compassionate and Authentic. 

"Boozy Coffee" A Podcast for the Courageous
"Bad Boss" A Podcast for How to Avoid Toxic Relationships in the Workplace

"LatinX Spotlight" A Podcast That Celebrates Diversity

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