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How Do Athletes Build Confidence in Real-Time and How Can You Do The Same!

Confidence is a key factor in life. Confidence is the belief that you have the skills and abilities to succeed in your biggest moments. Confidence can help you cope with stress, overcome challenges, and be at your best.

Athletes are able to tap into a mindset that unlocks their ability to block out the noise and build confidence in real-time.

But how can athletes build confidence in their game? How can they show up in the biggest moments and deliver under pressure? And how can you do the same?

During a recent podcast, " Ep1: Boozy Coffee with Friends", (Boozy Coffee is a metaphor for how we can all benefit from gaining courage and confidence, even if we need a little bit of help to do it) where my special guest Maurice McHustle (who has been in sales for 15+ years), and I talk about this topic. Maurice shares with you what he does to adjust his mindset in the morning to allow him the opportunity to build confidence and grow his sales potential.

Here are 6 things you can do to build confidence in real time.

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