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Executives' Perception vs. Reality of Their Customers' Experience - Significant Gap over 70 points!

In 2019, a Bain & Company report indicated there is a significant gap - over 70 points - between executives' perception of their customers' experience and the experience they actually provide. This gap remains unchanged since 2005.

Leveraging Your Customer Experience Toolbox will help you better understand the customer lifecycle by exploring:

  • What to measure when tracking the customer journey

  • How to measure the customer experience

  • Additional customer experience resources available

The report found that only 50% of companies tailored products and services to their customer's needs, 30% organize their company to provide a superior experience, and 30% maintain an effective customer feedback mechanism. The Bain report concluded that companies become deaf to what their customers are saying.

Implementing a Voice-of-Customer System, that enables organizations to more effectively Listen, Analyze and Act can ensure that your customers' voice is heard. Contact McorpCX to learn more about how they can partner with you to help design a blueprint - Don't be the 70%, your customers deserve more!

There are many other ways for companies to improve customer experience:

  1. Build an omni channel strategy for better CX

  2. Deliver superior customer service

  3. Train your customer facing teams to increase CX

  4. Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  5. Create self-service options for better CX

  6. Implement customer feedback to enhance client's experience

  7. Take social proof seriously to improve CX

Here are some examples of companies that have:

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