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2023 Job Hunt: Mission Impossible

After a tough 2020 year with COVID-19 hitting businesses of all sizes, you would think we would be better prepared for a recession. With the first phase of the battle to contain Covid-19 lasting from March to May 2020, it left roughly 52 million jobs vulnerable to reductions in hours or pay, temporary furloughs, or permanent layoffs. The unemployment rate for women in May 2020 was at 14.3% and 11.9% for men.

With businesses desperately trying to accelerate their technology, allowing employees and operations to function virtually, I personally saw how this challenge played out while managing a large-scale contact center. Our workforce team had to forecast productivity and undoubtable increased the number of resources needed to support the business operations.

Keeping that in mind, I had a conversation with a colleague today about the challenges in 2023, related to the job market. I asked if they believed that organizations in the tech industry over staffed during our Covid-19 rebound, moving their operations remotely and hiring remote positions for key roles. I ask this question to better understand the next, "why are tech industries laying off, now?"

Through my personal journey, in hunt of a job in 2023, I have found that after applying to more than 100 job postings and landing only a small handful of real opportunities - is this "Mission Impossible"

Feeling a bit like Ethan Hunt, without the spy gear, I have been denied and passed over from one opportunity to the next without a real human interaction. So that posed a question, "why."

After doing some research to better understand my situation, I found 3 pain points that are contributing to the likely hood that, "Finding a job in 2023 is mission impossible!"

  1. Ghost Postings - If you have never heard of this before, that's ok because this one was new to me too. See, companies will repost an old job posting that has already been filled with no intent to hire. The reason, to collect resumes and test the market.

  2. Ignoring Candidates Who Are Currently Employed - Yes, you heard that right. Some employers are bias against employed candidates. They may think that unemployed candidates are more likely to accept a position with lower pay and benefits. So indicating your employment status could be working against you, what?

  3. Organizational Changes Resulting in a Rescinded Offer - Unfortunately, in the middle of a hiring process, the company you are thinking about joining could be going through some significant changes. As they look to tighten up their budgets, a new regime may be selected just as you receive your offer. Before your start date, the new powers to be could decide to eliminate your position.

So, with so much concern around our financial industry, are we headed for a recession? How many Ethan Hunts are out there with me?

Is 2023, Job Hunt a Mission Impossible?

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