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My home studio podcasting setup - a Røde NT1A microphone, AKG K171 headphones, desk stand


The Podcast Studio

Welcome to The Studio

"The Lion & The Duck Podcast" Where We Take You Beyond

The Lion & The Duck

Signature Series Podcast

Join us as we discuss our shared experiences, challenges and success stories through our own leadership journey.  As we explore techniques and strategies used to help you Be BOLD. Be Compassionate. Be Authentic

In Season #1, Be BOLD: you will be invited to join us for a journey of self-discovery as we help our listeners build core leadership skills.  We will talk with leaders in various industries who have embodied the word "Bold" in every way, taking risks and stepping outside of their comfort zone to become the owner of their journey. Go to our Signature Series page to learn more about upcoming episodes.

The Lion & The Duck

Boozy Coffee with Friends

Join me and my friends, as we talk about life and how we all need a little bit of confidence building.  Boozy Coffee is a metaphor, as we can sometimes find ourselves in need of a bit of courage.  


In Season #1, I will invite friends and family to join in on the conversation, sharing how our experiences can help build confidence, especially through the biggest moments of your life.

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